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Tuesday 19 August 2014


Yes, I am back once more on Irish soil.   You can find a full account of the Weird Weekend, the annual jamboree of the Center for Fortean Zoology, on the website  Jonathan Downes has nearly fulfilled his intention of becoming a yeti and stood towering over the proceedings, reminding me of that line from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

       "Why, man, he doth bestride this narrow world
         Like a colossus".

Unfortunately, whenever I asked an inappropriate question (which I have always been in the habit of doing, lest the speakers take themselves too seriously) he instructed a young female called Charlotte to place a paper bag over my head.  Really, we old folks are no longer taken seriously.  In days of yore, when you had a gray beard with traces of your breakfast still in it, people respected you.

The event was held in a new location, the Small School, which is a small school, with innovative and unorthodox methods of education.  I was surprised to note that the lavatories locked from the outside, thereby affording endless opportunities for prankish pupils.  The school's parents provided food, which I must say was delicious.  They are on the lookout for a new mathematics teacher and a new head, in that order of importance, at present.  If you feel yourself fitted for either post, visit their website

the small school website

The outstanding speech was undoubtedly that by Shoshannah McCarthy, veterinarian, on whether Texas blue dogs were a new species.

The same venue is to be used next year.  I gather it will be earlier next year because certain American speakers have been unable to come to previous sessions due to the imminence of the American school year.  This event is well worth attending. 

Shoshannah McCarthy

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