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Monday 18 August 2014


On This Day in Weird, August 18...

1590: Newly arriving settlers find the British colony on Roanoke Island (off the coast of present-day North Carolina) inexplicably deserted. No trace of the settlement's 90 men, 17 women, and 11 children is ever found. The missing colonists leave only one cryptic clue: the word "Croatoan" carved on a tree trunk.

1817: In response to sea-serpent sightings off Gloucester, Massachusetts, the Linnaean Society of New England forms a special committee to "collect evidence with regard to the existence and appearance of any such animal." Subsequent capture of a deformed blacksnake embarrasses the panel, when they leap to an erroneous conclusion, dubbing the reptile an infant specimen the much larger Scoliophis atlanticus ("Atlantic hump-backed snake").

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