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Thursday 28 August 2014


The remarks I am about to make do not apply to all sausages, but they do apply to a great many.  And as sausages are made from animal meat, I feel this information is not out of place on a quasi-zoological site such as this.

I was told by a butcher's daughter that, if I knew what really went into sausages, I would nevermore eat one.  Sausages crafted by her father, she added, did not fall into this inedible category.  But she would not elaborate on what went into the other ones.

I could only use my imagination, so I imagined snout, eyeball, ear, cheek, gum (the kind teeth grow out of), tail and goodness alone knew what from actually inside the pig concerned.  So, I pass the message on to you - think before you eat a sausage.  I know of one sausage factory of which it is said that anyone who had worked there would never eat a sausage thereafter.

Mind you, if you just love sausages or, for that matter, hot dogs, you could always try a vegetarian sausage.  However, I tried one once and I have no desire to repeat the experiment.  It tasted gross.

So, unless you know a butcher who takes care only to put congenial meat in his sausages, either don't eat them or blank out your mind to their possible content if you do.

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