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Saturday 19 April 2014


Odette Tchernine, in her book The Yeti, writes about Yetis.  You might have worked that one out.  But she doesn't just write about Yetis.  The Almas or Almasty also features and she tells this extraordinary story.

At the monastery of Lamyn Hegan in Mongolia there was a lama known as 'son of the Almas'.  His father had been captured by a group of Almas, on one of whom he had fathered a child.  At last, the man escaped from their clutches and took the child with him.  He had grown up and became notable for his intelligence and learning.  He also became a lama.  The source of this story was an old Mongolian who had been a contemporary of the lama in question.

Bearing in mind the recent DNA research done on a descendant of Zana, who had been thought to be an Almas, this is a particularly interesting story.  Does a population of very primitive men or something close to them lurk to this day on the steppes of Central Asia?

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