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Tuesday 22 April 2014


Although Puerto Rico seems to have anomalies a-plenty, the comecogollos is hardly one of its most famous.  It is somewhat like a Bigfoot - indeed, it may even be a bigfoot - but stories about it seem to be on the vague side.  It is generally reported at night.  It is said to eat the hearts of plantain trees, but it does not touch the fruit.  Rumor has it that it is to be found in the mysterious El Yunque Forest.  This region seems to have its fair share of paranormal reports.  If you're visiting or live in Puerto Rico, you might wish to take a look for it.A
El Yunque Forest

Another indication that there is a manimal of some kind on the island is that in 1993 some National Guard reservists came face to face with a man-sized glowing-eyed creature coveredin hair at Mount La Mina.

Just to add to the general interest, a rumor has circulated that there is an extraterrestrial base under the Forest.

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