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Sunday 20 April 2014


You're getting a short blog today, as it's Easter.  The animal most associated in the American mind with this festival is the Easter Bunny.  This started out in Germany as the Easter Hare (Osterhase) and was brought to the United States by German immigrants.  In fact, in the United States the word rabbit is often applied to hares.  In one location in Germany, the Easter Fox replaced the Easter hare.  I hope the former didn't eat the latter.

In Australia the bilby (Macrotis) has replaced the Easter Bunny as the Easter Bilby, which has appeared in chocolate form and in books.  It is a native Australian animal.


Incidentally, in parts of Europe men beat their wives on Easter Monday and women their husbands on the following Tuesday.  Birch branches are often used.  The idea is that this will increase fertility.

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