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Saturday 19 April 2014


I am always fascinated by the fact that so many cryptids seem to turn up in Puerto Rico, bearing its size in mind.  Is it some kind of focus for interdimensional activity?  Has some mad Professor in a secret laboratory been doing genetic experiments?  In 1974 A.G. Garamendi caught a very strange looking fish there.  It had a face and tail - well, most fish do - but also a solid skeleton, which fish are not supposed to have.  It further featured leg like appendages.  The creature was X-rayed and no one could tell what it was.  Then another one was caught and dissected.  Garamendi surmised they had been left there by aliens.  They ultimately decomposed into a kind of slime.

Garamendi maintained he had not gone into the business of constructing fake fishes.  However, as I have maintained before, the Ocean is large and virtually unexplored.  How many new species are yet to be found in its watery depths?

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