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Monday 21 April 2014


Bigfoot without pants

I found this interesting story on the Weird NJ website.  Back in the 70s (remember them?) a number of campers were camping (well, that's what campers do) and night had cast its ebony cloak over the landscape when they claim they found themselves confronted by a Bigfoot.  It was hairy, about 7' in height and stank.  The unusual thing about it was that it was wearing trousers.  True, they were trousers that had seen better days, but trousers, nonetheless.  The creature was covered with blood.  It attacked one of the three campers, but took flight after one of them discharged a rifle.

I just wonder if this actually was a Bigfoot or some unhappy lunatic wandering the wilderness. It's the trousers which fuel the suspicion.  Bigfeet are not noted for what I might describe as sartorial accoutrements.  Yet who is to say some Bigfoot didn't happen to see a pair of trousers hanging on some clothes line and feel that here was just the thing to protect his nether regions when cold winds blew?  I would not say it was impossible.

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