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Friday 14 February 2014


Keeping on the theme of Valentine's Day, in Norfolk, England, the Eve of St Valentine's was formerly a time of great celebration, almost vying with Christmas for popularity.  A gift giver named Jack Valentine was supposed to come from house to house, delivering presents.  He sometimes had variant forms, such as Old Father Valentine and Old Mother Valentine.  The child in the house would open the door and find a parcel waiting.

A variant form was Snatch Valentine.  When he visited, the child would find a parcel, but, when he tried to pick it up, it was yanked away by a piece of string.  He could not pursue it, because something unknown and awful would befall him should he see Snatch.  This procedure was repeated several times, until at last the parcel was not pulled away.

This custom had fallen into desuetude, but  those in the Lanes Area of Norwich wished to revive it, so last night, Jack was on the prowl once again.

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