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Wednesday 26 February 2014


I have been prompted to ask this question by Richard Freeman, ace cryptozoologist and leader of expeditions into the Farthest Wilds.  His Facebook page shows news stories that would make you despair of the human race.  However, one swipe at human limitations that he features is the story of Blondie Bennett (38) who wishes to be as much like Barbie (the doll) as possible.  Not only has she undergone cosmetic surgery, but she has undergone hypnotherapy sessions to make her more stupid.  She sees Barbie as a dumb blonde, I suppose.  Did she really need those hypnotherapy sessions?

I remember some years ago a medium told people she was able to channel messages from Barbie.  Just how she thought she could do this, I cannot say.  The manufacturers of Barbie, if my memory serves me, took legal action.  Things like this make you wonder about the intellectual capacity of Homo sapiens to rule this planet.
Blondie Bennett

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