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Sunday, 1 July 2018


In modern times the name Red Wolf (Canis rufus) is applied to an endangered kind of wolf in the United States.  However, in days agone there was an unrelated kind of  mystery wolf that was red  in color, reported from France and variously known there as the chien rouge or loup rouge.  This creature seems to have been intensely  red.  It had a tendency to attack cattle, which did not endear it to the local agricultural community.  One would suspect it of being a fox, were it not for the fact that foxes would have been well known to the populace and they would have been able to identify it if it were such.  Its identity has never been established.
Peradventure it was some kind of mutant.

Other red cryptids include:

The Red Cat, reported from Cornwall (England) in 1995.

The Red Cheetah, of which it is suspected that there is a population in Tennessee.

The Red Beast, reported from Ukraine in 2009.

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