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Friday 27 July 2018

The Ballad of Bigfoot
to be sung to a Rude Rustic tune.

As I was eating Pickled Gherkins in the Forest one dark night,
Some rustling in the Nearby Trees gave me an Awful Fright,
And then from out the foliage there emerged a Shaggy Shape
And I could not discern if it were Hominid or Ape.

This Beast had an Aroma and to be Completely Frank
It wasn't just a Little Strong, the Beast completely stank.
Its eyes were fierce and furious and not to stay around
I made a resolution and dropped my Gherkins to the Ground.

As I fled me from the Wildwood, the Beast began to howl,
Making noises that I'd never heard from Quadruped or Fowl.
As I pelted through the Foliage like I'd never run before,
I resolved that I would Sojourn in the wilderness no more.

Now the Lesson of my Ditty, which I feel should now be known,
Is that the One Desire of Bigfoot is that he be left alone.
Though the Ouzel and the Greenfinch there may charm you with 
      their song,
If you nose the Scent of Bigfoot, it is time that you were gone.

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