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Monday 23 July 2018


This is a list of reported, but lesser known, lake monsters.

Moses Lake Monster: Reported 1992.  It had a reptilian appearance.  [This lake is in Washington state]

Morona Cocha Serpent: Reported 2009.  This monstrous reptile is said to have dragged an island across this lake in Peru.

Long Lake Monsters: Reported 1883.  Two monsters seen fighting in a river near this lake in North Dakota.

Lake Banyoles Monster: This lake in Spain has been said to harbor a monster since the 8th Century.  There were reports of it in the 19th and early 20th Century.  According to one report, it was seen crossing the road.

Island Lake Monster: Reported in this Michigan lake in 1955.

Lake Espantosa Monster: Reported 1887 and said to have dragged a woman into the lake.  [This lake is in Texas]

Lake Titicaca Monster: Reported 1989.  This famous lake in Bolivia was said to contain a huge-headed creature.

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