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Friday 14 November 2014


This lake in Vermont was formed by damming the Connecticut River in 1957.  In 1968, a monster was reported in the lake.  A number of anglers in a boat looke over the side and saw two glowing red spots approaching.  Behind the eyes was a kind of mound, which they took to be part of the creature.  What may have been more of the creature was discerned behind this.  The monster was not so unsociable as to devour the anglers, but later, when many dead fish were found, it was surmised they were the monster's victims.

The question to pose here is where the monster came from.  Was it, perhaps, a large fish that had entered the lake or even been placed there by some ambitious piscator who planned to catch it later and display it triumphantly to his friends at some local ostlery?  The anglers do not seem to be absolutely sure how far beyond the glowing eyes it extended.  Perhaps those eyes unnerved them and they thought the creature to be larger than was in fact the case.

There are really too few data here to make even an educated guess as to what this creature really was.  We will just have to hope some local resident gets a better sighting at some future date and can supply more details.

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