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Wednesday 19 November 2014


If you're in any way worried about what you're going to give people for Christmas, the CFZ Press, prolific publisher that it is, has a bevy of new titles in print.  We first of all recommend

Karl Shuker: Menagerie of Marvels

Karl Shuker is perhaps the doyen of British cryptozoologists and this book will do nothing to diminish his reputation.  Because he is a qualified mainstream zoologist, he is well equipped to look into the innermost features of claims regarding cryptozoology.  In this book he not alone does this, he also looks at some of the world's most intriguing established species, thereby affording us a glimpse of wonders of nature whose existence is rarely suspected.

There is a great deal of material in this book and it covers so wide a spectrum that it is difficult to do it justice.  We learn of Giant Lizards rumored to be in New Zealand, such as the ngaraa, which may be a huge species of tuatara; a 20' snake-lizard reported from Brazil in 1939; the strange creatures to be found in the 15th Century Animal Book including a bizarre creature with a long nose, a scaled humanoid and a strange creature with claws and a mane; the absolutely disgusting Reverse Mermaid; and many more.  The author also deals with established species as noted above, but they are established species of which bizarre facts can be stated.  For example, have you heard of the go-away bird?  He also seeks to unravel the mystery of Vespucci's rats and investigates the possible existence of beech martens in Britain.

This book is a veritable cornucopia, which no serious cryptozoologist can afford to be without.

Price in USA: $13.99 (cheaper from Amazon)
Price in UK: £10.99


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