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Saturday 15 November 2014


Reports of a tiger in the vicinity of Paris have caused considerable activity, with police and troops searching for the animal.  It was first seen by the wife of the owner of the Intermarche Supermarket in Montevrain, which is about five miles distant from Disneyland Paris.  An indistinct photograph of the animal has been taken and other witnesses have come forward.  Paw prints have also been discovered.

Some authorities seem to be discounting the identification of the animal as a tiger, but Christian Robache, Mayor of Montevrain, suggests it is a young and domesticated tiger that has somehow become loose.  Local man Robert Picard seems in no doubt the animal is a tiger.  Police are using a helicopter with thermal imaging in their pursuit, while precautions have been taken to protect school children.  While some of the hunters are armed with tranquilizer guns, some are armed with normal firearms.  The services of a professional wolf hunter have also been enlisted.  The search continues.


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