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Tuesday 26 March 2019


Some lake monsters that are not well known.

1 Fañanita  A lake monster reported from Lake Fagnano/Cami in Tierra del Fuego.  There is some possibility that the reports owe their origins to misperceptions of beavers.

2 Lake Hopcatong Monster  Last reported about 200 years ago by the Delaware Indians.  It had huge antlers or horns.  The lake is in New Jersey.  The monster was supposed to have died and a boatload of settlers claimed to have seen its body under water.  However, there was another report from 1999.

3 Lake Kampeska Monster  Compared with a sea-serpent, this monster was reported from South Dakota in 1886.

4 Lake Peruca Monster  Reported from Croatia.  It is said to have a large head and a fat body.

5 Lake Williams Monster  This lake is in Michigan, where a teenage couple reported a monster attacked their car in 1973.  The monster was reptilian.

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