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Saturday 30 March 2019


One of the most curious lake monsters in Ireland, not fitting in to any category, is that of Lough Dubh.  Its name means the Black Lake.  The word dubh is pronounced duv.  In fact, in 1961 a number of animals had been reported in the lake.  These were one large and two smaller creatures.  Now it happened that a schoolmaster named Mullaney and his soon went fishing there.  Something took the bait and arose out of the water.  It was a quite unrecognizable annimal, the size of a cow or a donkey.  It had a head like that of an hippopotamus, with a white pointed horn on its snout.  The animal tried to clamber onto the land and the Mullaneys understandably took off.  What this creature could have been is anyone's guess.  Lake monster savant Gary Cunningham tentatively suggested a walrus with a tusk turned out of place.  However, nothing can be said about this strange creature with any certainty.

Lough Dubh

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