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Tuesday 13 October 2015


At Kepples Corner, Pennsylvania, there have been reports of a rather odd kind of humanoid, dating from March, 2011.

It was described at being about 8' tall, bipedal, winged, head pointed or ridged, with claws instead of fingers.

What was a possible sighting of the same creature occurred at Rimersburg in the same month.  The witness compared the creature's mouth to a slit.  The arms and legs were described as muscular, the legs especially so.

Where creatures such as this hale from remains a mystery.  The likelihood of a whole species of them would be, I suspect, somewhat remote.  But if there is no species to hand, how are we to account for them?  Of course many people would dub them hoaxes or misperceptions and we cannot entirely rule out such explanations.  However, although I know many cryptozoologists seek to distance themselves from such things, we cannot altogether rule out a paranormal explanation.

We must ask ourselves, however, what exactly we mean by the paranormal.  Is it just things phenomena that are quite normal, but as yet undiscovered?  Science, in admitting the possibility of other universes and Lorentzian Traversable Wormholes between them is surely beginning to accept what would have been considered paranormal in earlier generations.

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