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Saturday 31 October 2015


October 31st is Hallowe'en.  It was brought to America by Irish and Scottish immigrants.  In origin, it was the start of the New Year among the pagan Celts.  In the Gaelic languages it is called Oiche Shamhna (Irish) and Oidhche Shamna (Scottish).  The day following it was called Samhain (pronounced sowwin).  This was the first day of the new year and not the name of an ancient god, as some have been misinformed.  

On the eve of Samhain it was believed that the gates to the Otherworld were open and this was a time the dead and other creatures could come for a visit.  It was not an anti-Christian occasion.

In Ireland, Jack-a-Lanterns were carved from turnips to add to the ghostly atmosphere.  When the celebration was taken up in the United States, the pumpkin was favored.

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