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Monday 26 October 2015


Yesterday I posted a link about alleged sightings of Centaurs.  I would like to augment what is said in the article there with some actual cases.  

In 1963 James McKinney of Centerville (Illinois) was on the telephone to his police department reporting the sighting of a centaur.  There was also a report of one from Melbourne (Florida).
This was seen by a 10-year old child, his sister and a pair of friends.   As far as I am aware, neither is in a "high strangeness" area.  In 2006 rumor was circulating of centaur sightings in Canada, but I have no direct information on these.  In 2011 a caller told the program Coast to Coast that she had seen a centaur herding other animals.  

Going over to Africa, a centaur was reported from Maru in Nigeria.  It was said to be chasing women.  It differed from other centaurs in that it had zebrine stripes from the neck down.  A report on this creature was carried by the Nigerian News Agency in 2003.

I would have thought that there would be strong objections to the possible existence of centaurs on physiological grounds.  However, we should not assume that, because a creature seems a physical impossibility that it is one.  There may be peculiar internal parts of a centaur that make it viable.

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