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Monday 20 April 2015


My spies tell me that a secret bigfoot meeting is to be held next month, but as it's secret, its location seems to be unknown.  May I suggest that there is a fatal drawback in an arrangement such as this?  If people don't know where it is, how are they going to attend?  

I can only surmise it is a bigfoot meeting for some Inner Circle.  They know who they are.  They know where it is.  They are the cognescenti.

Will whatever conclusions the meeting reaches be secret too?  Who knows - that seems to be undivulged at present.  Further information and updates sent to this website will be gratefully received.

Ah, another soupçon of information has come my way.  I am told the venue is in Pike County, Mississippi.

Bigfoot waiting patiently for further information.

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