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Monday 27 April 2015


This lake (area 46 square miles) lies in New York state.  In days of yore, the Indians held that this lake contained a great monster.  Not only did it live in the lake, but it could also cross the land.  The coming of the paleface, however, has led to this lake's becoming appallingly polluted.  Any monster surviving in there would need to have the most astounding powers of endurance.  Yet in 1977, cub scouts reported a monster in this lake.  They said it looked like a dragon.

Onondaga Lake
According to tradition, the Iroquois Confederation was formed at this lake.  The modern-day Onondaga have a 'Vision for a Clean Onondaga Lake in the 21st Century'.  This sounds highly commendable.  I'm sure any resident monster would appreciate it too.

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