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Wednesday 29 April 2015


In 2006 an incident took place in Mobile (Alabama) in the suburb of Crichton.  A group of people claimed they could see a leprechaun in a tree.  Not everyone, however, was convinced it was a leprechaun.  A shadow caused by tree branches, some moss, even a crackhead were suggested as to what it was.  The presence of a character called Demarco Morrisette, playing what he assured onlookers was a millenia-old leprechaun flute, added to the spectacle.  This instrument looks rather big for a leprechaun to play, but Morrisette assured viewers he had inherited it from an Irish ancestor.  The leprechaun was reputed to only come out at night and to disappear if you shone a light on it.  There is no doubt that it caused a buzz in the locality.  

A video was taken of the incident and was placed on You Tube.  You can see it yourself.

Above you can see an interesting book on Irish mystery animals, which you can procure from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or the CFZ.

In the United States, leprechauns are often depicted wearing green, but in Irish tradition they more frequently wear red.  There is some tradition of leprechauns living in Ohio, but I don't have details.

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