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Wednesday 18 March 2015


We recently featured a link to a website showing what purported to be a video of a dodo in Costa Rica.  How a population of dodos might have reached Costa Rica I cannot imagine, but I thought the subject was worthy of a ballad, given below.

When they first came to hunt us we were out of luck
For each of us was a Sitting Duck.
We had no defenses and we could not fly.
What sort of stratagem could we try?
So then we decided we had to flee,
So we clambered on a ship and set off to sea.

Yo-ho-ho! Renowned are we!
We're the famous Dodos who put to sea.

We had a ship that was timbered black
Which we bought from Ikea in a stout flat pack.
The weather was good which was quite auspicious
So off we set from the coast of Mauritius.

We swiftly rounded the Good Hope Cape
Where we waved to the Lion and we waved to the Ape
And to other creatures of Uncertain Shape
Then we entered the wild Atlantic.
Our ship was powered by a Mighty Sail
And gusted along by the Furious Gale
And we feared not the Shark and we feared not the Whale.
We weren't the least bit frantic.

We came to the Gulf of Mexico
A place where Pirates and Sailors go
And they all doffed their caps and cried out, "Yo-ho!
Huzzah for the Dodos sailing!"
And they played the Maracas and the Tambourine
The Harpsichord and a Strange Machine
Called Bagpipes which we had never seen,
But they made a gladsome wailing.

We at last to Costa Rica came
And the Predators said it would be a shame
To hunt us because of our Outstanding Fame.
For we were the Dodos sailing.
And in Costa Rica we flourish today.
We're not going anywhere, we're here to stay
And the human race can keep away
Don't you dare start us Dodos trailing.

Yo-ho-ho! Renowned are we!
We're the famous Dodos who put to sea!

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