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Friday 27 March 2015


Lake Hodges lies in California, 31 miles north of San Diego, which city owns it, as it is both lake and reservoir.  The lake is on the san Dieguito River.  In 1916 the Lake Hodges Project was begun.  Indians warned those in authority that there was a monster in the lake.  As the years passed, whites claimed to have seen the creature too.  One claimed to have discerned a lizard-like head.  It was decided to set a trap for the monster in 1932.  A sea-lion was placed in a cage was placed in the water. The sea-lion disapppeared, but no monster was trapped.  In 1956 the lake was poisoned to get rid of its fish population.  Then it was restocked.  However, the monster, if it existed, may not have been killed by the poison, for in 1966 picnickers spotted a strange creature in the lake and a photograph of a hump was taken.

Lake Hodges

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