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Monday 30 March 2015


Let us wander up to Canada now, where we will find Muskrat Lake, near Cobden, Ontario, tenanted, it is said, by a monster bearing the nickname 'Hapyxelor'.  This name was bestowed on it by D. Humphreys, who claims to have seen it in 1968.  It had a large head with a single tooth depending from the upper jaw.  It was of a silver-green coloration and it had a pair of flippers.  He estimated the body at 24' at first, but then said it might have been considerably shorter.

A trio consisting of husband, wife and daughter, who wisheed to remain anonymous saw it in 1976.  It kept in their view for almost ten minutes.  Its head was large, but it had virtually no neck. A. Childerhorse and J. Hoard claimed to have seen it in the same year. Sonar tracings of possibly two underwater creatures were made in 1988.

Is this the monster?
Sightings of this creature in all have been reported since about 1916.

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