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Wednesday 25 February 2015


One of the creepiest creatures in the legendry of the Ozarks is Old Wall Eyes.  He is a huge four-legged creature, but those legs are short, with claws on the end of them.  He has cloudy eyes that look as though they are blind, but local belief has it that he can see you all right.  Whether he sees you with his eyes, though, is another matter.  He may use some other as yet undiscovered faculty.  They say his head is the size of a wagon and his appetite is considerable and undescriminating: he'll eat just about anything.  His home is in a cave, a very desirable residence if you're a monster.

There seems to be only one of these ferocious beasts which, bearing its habits in mind, is just as well.  No picture of it exists insofar as i am aware, but I wouldn't like to scare you with one anyway, Readers, as I know some of you are of a timorous disposition.

What is the origin of belief in this creature?  Is there a real animal behind it?  I doubt it.  The Ozarks are well known for their tall tales and this has all the hallmarks of one.  Still, you never know.  Don't assume anything if you're in the Ozarks, just were the kind of boots that enable you to run fast - very fast.

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