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Sunday 8 February 2015


Mount Vernon lies in Virginia and was supposed to harbor a monster.  However, we cannot be sure of a monster was actually there, because most of the data were audible, not visible.  People would hear wails, coming, as it were, in waves.  They were described as eerie, giving off perhaps a spectral tone.  From the sound of the wails, a wail-making monster was inferred.

When I say the creature wasn't seen, one witness did claim to have observed it.  Thelma Crisp described a creature that conformed to descriptions of Bigfoot.  Whether this was the source of all the noises was a moot point.  The noises do not seem to differ greatly from alleged Bigfoot noises.  Police, using a helicopter, failed to find any trace of the creature. The noises, which started in 1978, seem to have tailed off in the 1980s.  The forested area whence they came is treed no more.  Whatever made the sounds has perhaps moved on.  When they started cutting down the trees, he decided it was time to go.

Mount Vernon today, after deforestation.

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