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Tuesday 24 February 2015


Astor (Florida) is a town connected with a number of paranormal events and Saint Johns River nearby is supposedly tnanted by a monster or unknown animal.  Reports of this beastie have been coming in for some time.  In 1896 something mysterious struck a steamer called the Osceola and it has been suggested it was the monster.  This creature has been reported in the river and, on one occasion, on land, ambling along the Dragoon Trail.

It has been described as 35 feet long, of greenish gray coloration.  According to one report it had a horn on its nose.  When seen on the river, it was reported to be walking along the bottom.  A number of reports came in between 1966-61.  The last report I can trace is dated 1987, when two young men reported their boat striking it.

A rational explanation that it was a manatee is not really satisfactory.  Manatees do not walk along river bottoms, nor do they have horns.  Unless we are dealing with considerably distorted descriptions, we can rule the manatee out.

So the identity of this creature remains a mystery.  We can't even be sure the creature is still alive.  Further information sent to this website is always welcome.

St Johns River, Astor, Florida.

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