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Tuesday 20 May 2014


Buck Mountain is an unofficially named peak in Addison County, Vermont.  It is rather obscure, at the present time not having a Wikipedia entry.  The nearest settlement is Waltham, population under 500.

The creature called the Whatzit is a feature of local lore.  It looks somewhat like a goat but walks on two legs and lacks horns.  Estimates of its height have not been made, as it runs off screaming when observed.  It is covered with whitish-gray hair.  Joseph A. Citro seems to be the foremost authority on the Whatzit, but even his knowledge seems strictly limited.

P.T. Barnum put a strange creature on show called the What-is-it.
Actually, the secret of What-was-it has been revealed - it was a man in a costume, pretending to be a subhuman.

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