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Sunday 18 May 2014


Map of West Virginia
In describing West Virginia as a "window area" where strange things break into our reality, John Keel knew what he was talking about.  Take the TNT area, the very area where Mothman made his appearances.  This was not the only creature to appear at this location.  For example, three people were chased on one occasion from the area by an unclearly discerned apparition, humanoid and large, colored white.  Then in 1973 persons in a car noticed a figure gliding alongside them.  Its hair was shaggy, its head was huge and it did not appear to have wings.  It managed to keep up with the car.
Rosemary Ellen Guiley in her Monsters of West Virginia (2012) claims to have experienced strange phenomena in the Point Pleasant area.  Among other things she speaks of "odd diplacements of time", which may have something to do with the area being something of an interdimensional portal.

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