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Monday 19 May 2014


A pet dog will regard the family it lives with as its pack.  It will protect members of the pack and this was nowhere better illustrated in than in the case of Cooper, who belonged to the Urness family of North Dakota.

The Urnesses run a 2000-acre farm and their three-year old son Carson wandered off in it and was completely lost.  A frantic hunt, in which various helpers including police joined, followed, but, as the shadows lengthened it was feared the hunt would have to be called off.

One searcher, however, breasted a final hill and saw on the far side the dog Cooper, who was lying on the boy to protect him from exposure.  Not alone had the dog found the child, but it knew he was in danger from the elements and had taken steps to protect him.

So the next time your dog annoys you by sitting on the sofa when he shouldn't be, remember he will act as a valuable protector to you and all your family before you berate him too sharply.

While cats are more solitary animals than dogs, they can show family loyalty, as was evidenced by the recent rescue of a boy from a dog by the family cat.  This was Tara of Bakersfield, who saved young Jeremy from the unwanted attentions of a ferocious nearby dog.  Tara has been invited to throw first pitch at a game featuring a local team, but as cats can't actually throw things (you may have noticed) Jeremy, who will accompany her, will do the honors on her behalf.

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