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Thursday 13 March 2014


Hiawatha left his tipi
For to hunt the Dreaded Sasquatch,
For to hunt the Fearsome Sasquatch,
Carrying his Bow and Arrows,
On his feet his Magic Slippers, 
On his head his Magic Feathers,
In his mouth his Magic Dentures.
Forth he went into the Forest,
Forth he went past Tree and Thicket,
Forth he went past Bush and Bramble,
Fearing not the Dreaded Sasquatch.
After him came Old Nokomis
Bringing sundry Medications
For she feared the Dreaded Sasquatch
Would knock bits off Hiawatha.
"Yonder is the Dreaded Sasquatch!"
Shouted mighty Hiawatha.
"It is Loathsome, Grim and Ugly,
"It is fatter than a Hippo
"And its face is quite Revolting
"Like the Backside of a Bison."
"Hiawatha," cried Nokomis,
"That is not the Dreaded Sasquatch.
"You are looking at a Mirror.
"You are seeing your Reflection."
Much abashed was Hiawatha.
Jumped he up and down with Fury,
Kicked Nokomis in his Anger.
Very wroth was Hiawatha.

In the bushes hid a Sasquatch
Watching mighty Hiawatha.
"How ill  tempered are these humans,"
He remarked.  "We should avoid them.
"Safer is the Hidden Sasquatch
"Safer from the Horrid Human."

Since that day the Dreaded Sasquatch
Ever has avoided Humans
And I cannot fault him for it:
He has made a Wise Decision.

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