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Sunday 16 March 2014


You will doubtless have heard of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870-1924) who was a leader in the Russian Revolution and then ruler of Russia itself.

The Soviet Union included distant Siberia, populated by sundry tribes, who developed an interesting legend about Lenin.

Once there was a bear.  It must have been a particularly handsome bear, for a Soviet general determined to trap it.  He left out a drink of Vodka for it and the bear, finding it, imbibed it.  The effects were such that it fell asleep and was captured.

The bear was made into a dancing bear, but it didn't think much of its servile condition and escaped.  After that, he somehow later became a man.

This man was Lenin, who became the Soviet leader.

Interestingly enough, the Soviet Government encouraged this legend among the Siberian tribesmen, for it made them treat Lenin with respect.

A man who turns into a wolf is called a werewolf.  Therefore, a bear who turns into a human must be a wereman.  Hence the title of this piece.

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