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Thursday 11 August 2016


On This Day in Weird, August 11...

1968: Witnesses Tim Bullock and Barbara Smith are driving northeast of Chittyville, Illinois (Williamson County), at 8:30 p.m., when a Bigfoot allegedly throws dirt at them through an open car window. Smith describes the attacker as "huge," some 10 feet tall, with a head "as large as a steering wheel." They speed off, but Bullock returns the next day to find a depression in the roadside grass, suggesting a large animal had lain there. Aside from this incident, Chittyville—an unincorporated community in Herrin Township—is best known for its "haunted" school, allegedly built atop an old graveyard, which has drawn various ghost hunters over time. Vickie King, creator of a website advertising the legend, told reporters in 2005, "I fabricated it. All the information on the website is completely made up."

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