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Sunday, 14 August 2016


Does your name mean an animal?  Below you'll find a list of names which are said to have animal meanings or associations.  In some cases, the etymology may be doubtful, e.g. Arthur could mean 'bear-man', but this is not certain.

badger: Tadhg, Teague, Brocard
bear: Arthur, Orson, Bjorn, Bernard, Bernadette, Ursula
beaver: Castor
bee: Deborah, Debra, Melissa
blackbird: Merle
cow: Leah, Rebecca
deer: Oscar, Oisín, Ossian
dog: Caleb
dolphin: Delphine
dove: Jonah, Jonas, Paloma, Columba, Colm, Colman, Colmcille, 
eagle: Aquila, Arnold
ewe: Rachel
goat: Yael
horse: Rose, Philip, Philippa, Ippolito
lion: Leo, Leon, Leona, Léonie, Lionel
otter: Ottar
pig: Portia
raven: Bran
seagull: Lara, Larissa
seal: Ronan, Phocas
wolf: Wolfgang, Gangolf, Ulf, Ylva

The name Robin may now be associated with the bird rather than Robert.

The name Rose does not come from the flower, but Rosa at least sometimes does.

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