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Saturday 21 May 2016


There have recently been alleged sightings of Bigfoot in Ireland.  Being on the spot, I wished to make a few comments.  There is no way a breeding population of such creatures could have survived over the centuries.  There simply isn't enough room in the country for them to have avoided detection.  This leaves a number of possibilities.  The first is that the sightings were all mistaken.  The second is that they are entering the country through portals or being dropped off by UFOs.  Choose which you think likelier.

As there is no word equating to Bigfoot in the Irish language, I have cointed the word ollchos from prefix oll- indicating 'large, great' and cos, a foot.  For those under the mistaken impression that English is the only language spoken in Ireland, the ancient language of the country, which English has largely replaced, is still widely understood.

Go n-eiridh an bothar libh.

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