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Friday 19 June 2015


While it is not the policy of this website to focus on politics or religion, we at the CFZ are particularly concerned with preservation of the environment, so the Pope's encyclical Laudato si issued yesterday impinges on our area of interest.

The encyclical blames Global Warming on shortsightedness and human greed.  It says over use of fossil fuels is one of its causes.  It condemns destruction of the environment.

Such a stance is likely to be rejected by certain politicians and businessmen, but, in the perception of the present writer, his arguments are certainly valid and it behoves the industrialized nations to help the poverty-stricken ones cope with the results of Global Warming.

The text of the encyclical is available online as are comments from various news media.  In addition, there is an article in Wikipedia.

It may be added that political and scientific issues have a moral element, so the Pope is not stepping outside his appropriate area.

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