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Tuesday 26 May 2015


The Blue Phantom was a car which drove around Illinois and from which shots were fired at people.  The driver appears to have been something of a random shooter with no further objective in mind.  But his identity has always been a mystery.

The first shot was fired in 1952 near Joliet.  Two cars were fired on and in one a man received a minor injury.  The car surfaced again near Lincoln, where another shot was fired.

June 2nd saw Edward Smith driving past the Sangamon River.  There was a blue car there.  A man with a rifle fired at him and, jumping into his vehicle, drove off.  On June 8th there were ten shootings.  June 9th saw a shooting at Clinton.  Another shot was fired on June 10th.  This time a police car pursued the fleeing vehicle unsuccessfully On June 19th a couple had to flee from a firing blue car.  Four shots were fired on June 24th.

Then the car, now dubbed 'the Blue Phantom', was seen no more.  Its driver's motivations remain unknown and his identity unkenned.

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