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Friday 30 January 2015


This incident allegedly occurred in Virginia about 1739.  The source is a letter in the Virginia Gazette.

Two gravediggers were at work in a cemetery when they dug up a (human) skull.  They carefully put it to one side on the grass.  Then, suddenly, the skull began to move across the verdure.

The two men paled beneath their pallor, as well they might.  They took off at a run for the church, where the Minister was at work, and told him the story.

The Minister imbibed the story and suspected the men had been imbibing something stronger.  He went, however, to have a look.  On arrival at the graveside he saw, to his astonishment, that the skull was indeed on the move.

The Minister's jaw dropped (I suspect).  Picking up the skull, he ran pell mell to the church and caused the bell to be rung to summon his parishioners.

They came and gazed at the skull.  The Minister proclaimed it a miracle.  One can imagine the congregation seated in open-mouthed wonder.

Then a mole crawled out of one of the eye sockets.  The assembled onlookers disperswed.

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