At the beginning of the 21st Century monsters still roam the remote, and sometimes not so remote, corners of our planet. It is our job to search for them. The Centre for Fortean Zoology [CFZ] is - we believe - the largest professional, scientific and full-time organisation in the world dedicated to cryptozoology - the study of unknown animals. Since 1992 the CFZ has carried out an unparalleled programme of research and investigation all over the world. Since 2009 we have been running the increasingly popular CFZ Blog Network, and although there has been an American branch of the CFZ for over ten years now, it is only now that it has a dedicated blog.

Wednesday 14 January 2015


At length and at last, CFZ Press has entered into e-book publications.   All titles may be purchased from Amazon or from the CFZ directly.  To date, six titles have been issued.

Work on the more dangerous side of Bigfoot by prominent scholar.

Fascinating title and seminal work on humanoid creatures.

Collection of short stories by CFZ's famous physicist.

Investigation into one of Britain's strange phenomena

Work by one of the world's top cryptozoologists.

Juvenile title by an inimitable expert in Entomology.

Titles are $4.99 except for Shuker ($5.99) and Redfern ($3.99).
Prices may vary at some outlets and are subject to change.

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