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Sunday 26 October 2014


An unusual kind of Bigfoot was reported from the Georgia  highways in the 1970s.  It looked like your ordinary Bigfoot, except it had a wooden leg.

If sightings of this animal can be authenticated, we must ask where a Bigfoot would find such an artificial appendage.  Did some lonely cabin dweller encounter a Bigfoot with a gangrous limb, amputate it and replace it with a wooden leg?  Was the Bigfoot dropped from a UFO, some helpful aliens having provided it with  said leg for health reasons before letting it loose?  Could Bigfeet themselves manufacture such a thing and attach it?

My suspicions are that, if there is any truth in these accounts, what was seen was a Bigfoot with a stiff leg, perhaps due to arthritis or some other complaint.  As it walked so stiffly on it, it appeared that the leg was wooden.

On the other hand, if any reader of this actually has made a wooden leg for a pedally challenged Bigfoot, perhaps he would let us know.

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