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Wednesday 22 October 2014


Most cryptozoologists are familiar with the Yowie, an apelike creature said to roam Australia.  However, this tale about it is somewhat extraordinary.

Statue of  Yowie.

In the People Magazine in 1979, three alleged witnesses gave an account of events that supposedly had occurred about a century before.  A yowie had raped a human woman and, in due course, she had produced a female child which was half yowie.  She was kept locked away.  She was said to have looked like a girl, but to have been covered with orange hair.  The woman had asked her husband to kill the child, but he had refused to do so.  On her death, he released it into the wild.

I mentioned this story some years ago to noted Australian cryptozoologist Paul Cropper, but he was inclined to dismiss it.  If it should be true, however, the genetic implications would be interesting.

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