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Wednesday 25 June 2014


Moore Reservoir
The Moore Resevoir of New Hampshire and Vermont is of comparatively recent construction (that means it was constructed in my lifetime).  It was brought into being by the damming of the Connecticut River in 1956.  It is now run by the TransCanada Corporation.  But it harbors a mystery.

In 1968 some anglers in a boat saw what they took to be a monster in its waters.  They saw two red spots which they identified as eyes and a complication behind, which they thought might be a body.  Later, many dead fish were found in the lake and some murmured they were victims of the monster.

There are, however, some problems with this account.  We must first ask ourselves how a monster could have arrived there.  Was it washed in from the Connecticut River?  Did it make its way overland from some other liquid domicile?  What was visibility like at the time of the sighting?  It seems to me to have been very poor.  Was it after nightfall?  One account of the sighting describes the creature as luminous.  Luminosity would not be so noticeable a feature by day, unless the face of the lake were enshrouded with mist.

While I do not for a moment call the statements of the witnesses into question, I wonder if what they saw was some kind of water craft, the "eyes" being lights.  In dark or foggy weather, the shape of a craft, particularly if it had a brace  of red lights to the fore, could easily have its outline mistaken for that of a monster.

It has also been suggested that what they saw was some kind of floating UFO or maybe the reflection of a UFO in the water.  Using one mysterious object to explain another is not, however, a form of investigation to be recommended.

Then there is the matter of the dead fish.  If the Monster killed them, why did he leave them uneaten?  Could some form of pollutant from the mysterious luminous craft, if such it was, have been the cause of their deaths?  

It may be, after all, that some monster does lurk in the reservoir.  Further investigation is to be encouraged.

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