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Saturday 28 June 2014


Eurasian badger

There is an Irish account of a group of hunters who went hunting badgers near Lisdoonvarna, but this was at a fairy fort.  They had brought a certain amount of drink with them, which they proceeded to imbibe.  They seem to have caught no badgers, but suddenly they noticed a throng of fairies making towards them.  They fled.  On arrival home, they were suffering from shock.  The incident, if true, is undated.

I notice with some sadness that they are contemplating culling badgers in England because farmers fear they spread bovine tuberculosis.  Is there no other way?  Is it strictly necessary?  In the county of Cornwall they did not have to resort to culling to deal with any such problems.  Why cannot they emulate Cornwall in other counties?  This does not mean I do not understand the devastating effects of this disease in a cattle herd for the farmer concerned.

Some vets have expressed reservations about the effectiveness of culling, while the Hereford Times pointed out earlier this month that the incidence of bovine TB was comparatively low at present.  Inoculation of badgers has been suggested as an alternative.

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