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Tuesday 14 January 2014


This ditty can be sung to the tune of La Cucaracha.

La Chupacabra! La Chupacabra!
See him there beside the tree.
He's looking grumpy, he's getting jumpy,
Now he's coming after me.

La Chupacabra!  La Chupacabra!
I am running through the mud
To get away from La Chupacabra,
Who would like to suck my blood.

La Chupacabra! La Chupacabra!
He is running speedily. 
He is so hasty, he thinks I'm tasty,
He will sink his fangs in me.

La Chupacabra!  La Chupacabra!
He is running without pause,
When an eagle comes flying downwards,
And he grabs him with his claws.

La Chupacabra with the Eagle
In the distance flies away
Until at last the  Eagle drops him
In a Puerto Rico Bay.

Lyrics copyright (c) Ronan Coghlan 2014.

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