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Friday 10 January 2014

On This Day in Weird, January 10....

1918: Remains of a male giant squid, reportedly caught off Honshu's Boso Peninsula, surface at a Tokyo fish market.

1927: Director Fritz Lang's science-fiction classic Metropolis premieres.

1945: U.S. pilots bombing Iwo Jima, in the Volcano Islands, report an amber-colored UFO flying past their aircraft.

1948: A witness describes a "saucer" or "queer light" approaching Wildwood, New Jersey, from the Atlantic, rising and falling, before it departs at high speed.

1950: Two F-80 jet fighter pilots approaching Nevada's Las Vegas Air Force Base (now Nellis AFB) sight a silver UFO flying at 1,500 to 2,000 feet, disappearing over mountains to the east.

1953: A retired Air Force colonel and a member of the Federal Security Agency report a "flat" UFO flying eight miles northwest of Sonoma, California, at an estimated speed of 2,400 miles per hour.

1954: Three meteorologists from the University of Chicago sight a brilliant white object hovering over the Santa Rita Mountains, 25 miles southeast of Tucson, Arizona.

1961: Radar tracks a disc-shaped UFO over Cape Canaveral, during a test of a U.S. Navy Polaris missile. That night, a civilian pilot flying from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Abilene, Texas, sights a round UFO, white with amber-red tones underneath, plummeting to earth near Benjamin, Texas.

1965: Hissing sounds alert a witness in South Boston, Virginia, to a large object crossing the sky overhead, trailing sparks on its flight from north to south. The same night brings sightings of a bright white UFO over Silver Springs, Maryland.

1967: A woman and her teenage son, driving home in Bruceville, Indiana, see an elliptical gray UFO, some 30 feet in diameter, passing 25 feet overhead. In Bangor, Pennsylvania, an electronics technician sights two brilliant lights moving at treetop level, accompanied by intermittent sounds changing in pitch.

1975: Three teenagers driving along Lake Erie, in St. Thomas, Ontario, watch a blue UFO pass over the road. After pursuing it for several minutes, their car stalls and its radio dies.

1976: Witnesses report two pulsing red lights flying over Belt, Montana, at an estimated altitude of 500 feet.

1978: A Chicago paramedic driving with her three-year-old son sees a "moving star" overhead, the size of a full moon, trailing a yellow-orange tail as it moves. In South Middleton, Massachusetts, Tom Gould watches a stocky, four-foot-tall humanoid figure with three-fingered hands emerge from an egg-shaped UFO, viewed at a range of 90 feet.

1978: A witness in Fawn Grove, Maryland, reports a 10-foot-tall Sasquatch with white shining eyes and foul body odor, walking near Kennard-Dale High School.

2014: Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty premieres tonight on Spike TV.

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