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Wednesday 29 January 2014


The town of Two Egg (Florida) back in 2011 was experiencing evidence of what was described as a mini-bigfoot, given the name of the Two Egg Stump Jumper.  Footprints were found and a sighting reported it was about 5' tall and bipedal.  This is short for your average bigfoot.  Could it have been a young one?

Two years passed and the Jumper wasn't heard from again, but it seems to have returned in 2013.  From May of last year, growling roars were heard.

The main scene of the creature's activity seems to have been the swamps around Parramore Landing Park.  There historian Dale Cox with others underwent the sensation of being followed.  Then they heard a growling roar.  Strange sounds were also reported.  Then came testimony from an eyewitness (name unknown) who saw it from her car.  She said it was short, hairy and greyish.

Maybe it came to the town hoping to find an omelette.

Town signpost for Two-Egg

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