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Saturday 21 January 2023


A strange creature reported from Vermont about 1971.  It all began when people in the Turkey Hill area reported missing cats and dogs.  Then, one night, a farmer discovered a man-sized creature going through his garbage.  This being was covered with light-colored, perhaps even white, hair.  It had the face of a pig.  The same creature scared the living daylights out of four youths who discovered him in a sand pit.

Jeff Hatch, a high school student, and others decided a seemingly abandoned pig farm might yield some answers about the creature.  They found hogs of large size roaming about the place.  They also discovered a small room attached to the barn which contained some hay, flattened as though someone had slept on it.  There were dead cats and dogs in the room, perhaps partially eaten.  

Near to the farm, people started having sightings of the Pigman.  One motorist, on emerging from his vehicle, was attacked by it.  He mentioned his assailant had clawed or taloned hands rather than porcine trotters.  The Pigman was said to have taken up residence in a cave.  He has not been seen for many a year.

There was speculation that he was a human-pig hybrid.

The South Georgia Pigman was said to have lived in the Okefenokee Swamp.  He was a somewhat timid humanoid.  He had a body like a hairy ape with a piglike snout or nose.  There have been no recent reports.

For information on the Cannock Chase Pigman, see the article below.


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